Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcase

Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcase

Bamboo vs silk pillowcase—Did you know we invest 1/3 of our lives facetiming our pillowcases? That is about 26 years! They may not precede on your mind when it comes to hair and skin treatment, but pillowcases actually play a big role.

What makes a great pillowcase for your beauty rest? The fabric should be smooth and soft, so that it will not cause rubbing versus your skin and hair, which lead to creases and kinky hair. It should also not be packed with hazardous chemicals which may aggravate the skin.

2 such fabrics are bamboo and silk. In this article we share how bamboo pillowcases will help you have better skin and hair, and how it contrasts to its non-vegan version—silk pillowcases.


Benefits of bamboo for skin and hair

Bamboo is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial

Because of bamboo’s breathability and moisture-wicking residential or commercial homes, it does not catch heat neither permit moisture or smell to remain on the fabric unlike cotton.

The lack of a cozy, damp environment makes bamboo normally immune to germs and dirt mites (tiny animals that feed off our dead skin cells and often trigger allergic reactions and bronchial asthma). This is important for individuals with skin sensitivities and irritations such as allergic reactions, dermatitis (skin asthma), and acne.

Enjoy more clear skin together with fresh and odor-free sheets that maintain you well relaxed and revitalized daily.

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