Bamboo vs Silk Pillowcase

Bamboo is mild on the skin and hair

Say great bye creases, kinky hair, tangles, and bedhead! Bamboo’s smooth surface means much less rubbing and tugging on the skin and hair. Studies show that rubbing from thrashing causes folds in the skin, but a smooth smooth surface can decrease that effect over time.


Bamboo vs. Silk Pillowcases


  • Both are luxuriously smooth

Bamboo and silk’s smooth structure benefit preventing kinky hair.


Bamboo and silk dissuade dirt mites and germs to expand, which is great for allergic reaction patients and acne-prone skin.


Pros of bamboo over silk

  • Bamboo is easier to maintain

Silk pillowcases are very fragile compared with bamboo, and can snag and decipher from sharp points such as broken nails.


  • Bamboo is more breathable

Bamboo vs silk sheets. Silk has a tighter weave compared to bamboo, which may compromise breathability, rest temperature level and convenience. This is especially important for infants and those that rest warm or cool. Bamboo is normally thermoregulating, which means it has microgaps that enable it to adapt to your body temperature level for the perfect rest microclimate all-year.

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