Best Time to Drink Meal Replacement Shake: And Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good for Breakfast

Best Time to Drink Meal Replacement Shake

Best time to drink meal replacement shake, Protein shakes can be an alternative to meet one’s protein needs. When is the best time to drink meal replacement shakes? The best time to drink protein shakes is after exercise and while recovering from illness. The amount one requires is different from person to person.

Interestingly, protein shakes are also safe for consumption even by diabetics. If you have met the best time to drink protein shakes, then the benefits will be maximized.


Best Time to Drink Meal Replacement Shake

Protein requirements vary from one individual to another. Call it the athletes, maybe their needs are higher according to the level of exercise they do. In general, the requirement is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Furthermore, here is the best time to drink a meal replacement shake:

Recovery period

When in the recovery period after illness or wound healing, a person needs more protein. This is because the body needs protein to build and repair muscles, skin, and other body tissues.

In addition, for those who are sick, the presence of protein also helps fight infection. At the same time, the body’s fluid balance is also better maintained. This protein also helps distribute oxygen throughout the body.


After exercising

The Best time to drink a meal replacement shake with protein is right after an exercise. Not only does it help the recovery process and muscle synthesis, but this nutritious drink also makes you feel full longer.

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What’s more, the option to drink protein shakes is much more practical than having to eat a full plate. The recommendation is 20 grams of protein to help with muscle recovery. This figure can add up to 40 grams depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise.


A filling snack

Protein shakes can also be consumed as a snack or part of the lunch meal replacement if time does not allow. So, it is suitable for active and busy individuals. It’s easy to make a protein shake and can keep you full for a long time.

If necessary, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit. In addition, you can also combine carbohydrates and healthy fats to add nutrition.


The aging process

For elderly people, it’s never too late to try this drink. In fact, it is one of the best times to drink protein shakes. Because, the aging period is a stage of life when nutrients such as protein, calcium, and vitamin D are needed.

Its most important function is of course to maintain bone health. Especially for elderly people who are not sure they can meet their nutritional needs, then protein shakes can be an additional daily nutrient.


Before bed

The best time to drink meal replacement shake can also be just before bedtime. Primarily, for individuals who want to improve performance and recovery after exercise. Likewise for those who are in the program to build muscle.

Why before bed? Because the body can digest and absorb optimally. This will increase the availability of protein for muscle recovery throughout the night at rest.

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It is recommended to consume the type of protein casein. This is because the casein digestion process takes place slowly enough so that it can meet protein needs stably overnight.


Is too much protein harmful?

There is a myth that is often circulated that consuming too much protein will be bad for health. Mainly, because it is considered to damage the kidneys and liver. In addition, it can also cause osteoporosis.

However, it should be emphasized that these kinds of myths are not based on scientific evidence. Instead, there are more findings that consuming a lot of protein does not cause harmful side effects. Even so, consuming protein in moderation is much better than consuming it in excess.

The average adult can benefit from consuming 1.4 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Those who consume protein shakes to prevent a decrease in muscle mass, can consume the lower limit of the lowest recommendation. Meanwhile, for those who want to build muscle or lose weight, choose the lowest recommended limit.

Protein is a versatile source of nutrition. That is why, as much as possible do not let the body lack protein. Consuming protein shakes can be an option for those who are worried that their daily diet does not meet their nutritional needs in the form of protein.

The best time to drink meal replacement shake can be at mealtime, while recovering from illness, after exercise, and even before bed. Justly adapted to the requirements of the individual.


Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good for Breakfast

Is it ok to drink meal replacement shakes? It’s okay to make your protein shake as a snack, however, you need to think again about making it a substitute for breakfast, or meal replacement shakes for lunch. Although many shakes are loaded with vitamins and fiber, it’s still better to eat a full menu at your meal to ensure your needs are met and get them from healthy, natural sources.

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Because protein shakes are generally made from high protein milk ingredients. Protein alone can indeed help to lose weight, but the nutritional needs of a human being are very complex and not just protein. There is no single type of food in this world that is perfect and can meet the needs except breast milk for babies under 6 months. Therefore, you must get the nutrients your body needs by eating a variety of foods every day.

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