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Braces Wire Poking into Gum

Braces Wire Poking into Gum—Orthodontic dental braces can be unpleasant, particularly if a cable is sticking out and poking the soft cells of the mouth. This problem isn’t unusual. As teeth shift or as a client consumes, a cable can flex or take out of one side of a brace. It’s not a oral emergency situation, but it’s one problem clients will want to address quickly before it tosses off the therapy schedule or the cable becomes much more unpleasant.


What causes a loosened orthodontic cable?

A couple of common factors that cause a loosened orthodontic cable consist of:

  • Bad practices such as chewing ice or pen caps
  • Incorrect oral health methods
  • Consuming the incorrect foods
  • Harsh use a toothpick
  • Movement of the teeth
  • A damaged brace
  • Dental injuries


What to do about an orthodontic cable sticking out?

Also if a loosened cable isn’t unpleasant, it’s important for the client to call their orthodontist right away. Otherwise quickly fixed, a loosened or broken orthodontic cable can set therapy back by weeks. An orthodontist can provide clients with advice on how to navigate the cable, alleviate pain, and schedule a visit for a genuine fix. The orthodontist can after that put it back where it belongs or change it with a brand-new one if necessary.

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