Bravecto vs Trifexis | And What are the differences between Bravecto and Trifexis

What is Bravecto

Bravecto can be described as a flea and tick treatment that contains its active ingredient, fluralaner -it is a systemic ectoparasiticide (meaning that the drug kills bacteria living on the exterior of the pet’s body).

Bravecto is available in two types that include a flavorful, chewable tablet that the majority of dogs love, as well as a topical liquid. The tablet offers 3 months’ worth of security from ticks and fleas. the topical treatment can be effective for four months of ticks, and up to six months in the case of fleas.

Bravecto is believed to eliminate the following parasites:

  • Fleas
  • The black-legged tick
  • American dog ticks
  • Brown ticks of a dog
  • Lonestar ticks

It can kill all these bugs for between 12 and sixteen weeks (depending on whether you apply either the topical or tablet treatment and vice versa) except Lonestar ticks. It’s only effective in eliminating Lonestar ticks for eight weeks.

Fluralaner could provide some protection from mosquitos however it is believed to be less efficient than other medications (such as fipronil) in these situations. It is also efficient in treating mange demodectic.

The medication is available in five dosages that are appropriate for dogs of various dimensions. It is available to puppies that are at least 6 months old. age.

Bravecto was the first drug approved to be used by Europe in 2014 and was approved for use by the United States and Europe in 2014.


How Does Bravecto Work?

Fluralaner is one of the ingredients in Bravecto is what other tick and flea medications do.

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If you choose to use this oral form, all you have to do is give your pet a tablet. The body then begins taking the tablets apart and allowing the fluralaner in the medicine to get into the bloodstream of your dog.

If you choose to use the topical version of this drug it gets into your dog’s skin which is where it interacts with the fluids under.

Fluralaner blocks the arthropods’ nervous systems (joint-legged animals like ticks and fleas) which means that when a flea tick bites your dog it’s exposed to the medication and dies within the shortest time.

Fluralaner is part of the isoxazoline class of medications together with other popular products for ticks and fleas including the afoxolaner (NexGard) and Sarolaner (Simparica).

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