Bravecto vs Trifexis | And What are the differences between Bravecto and Trifexis

Dosage and Administration of Bravecto

Bravecto should be taken orally in one dosage every twelve weeks, according to the dosage schedule listed below to give a dose in the range of 11.4 mg/lb (25 mg/kg) body weight.

Bravecto is a medication that can be administered every 8 weeks to prevent exposure to the ticks Amblyomma Americanum.

Bravecto is best administered along with food.


Dosage Schedule

  • Toy Dog that weighs 2-4.5kg One 112.5mg tablet
  • Small Dogs weighing 4.5-10kg A tablet of 250mg
  • Medium Dog with 10-20kg weight – One tablet with 500mg
  • Large dogs weighing 20-40kg One tablet with 1000mg
  • Extra Large Dogs that weigh between 40 and 56kg One 1400mg tablet

The dogs that weigh more than 56kg must be given the correct combination of chews.

Treatment with Bravecto can commence at any time during the year and be continued throughout the year without interruption.


How long will Bravecto require to eliminate ticks?

Bravecto is recommended for puppies and dogs who are 6 months old or older. Although it has been tested on smaller dogs without any adverse side results, Bravecto is not recommended for puppies in the early stages of development. The speed of action – Bravecto kills fleas within 2 hours and kills the majority of ticks within 12 hours.

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