Bravecto vs Trifexis | And What are the differences between Bravecto and Trifexis

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Bravecto vs comfortis

One of the key distinctions among Bravecto in comparison to Comfortis is the time of effectiveness. Comfortis remains active for up to 30 days which implies that it should be administered each month. Bravecto however, offers all 12 weeks of protection and has to be administered every three months.


Bravecto vs advantus

Bravecto makes use of Fluralaner and can begin to kill fleas within two hours. Bravecto is also able to kill many kinds of ticks, including the single star tick that lasts for eight weeks. Advantage II as well treats lice which is something Bravecto does not treat.

Final Thoughts on Bravecto vs Trifexis

In the end, the cost of Nexgard or Bravecto is roughly the same because Bravecto is available for three months. But, Trifexis is also a heartworm treatment, which saves the need to purchase another heartworm treatment. Both treatments are secure, have solid results, and are appreciated by pet owners from all over the world.

If you have any questions regarding the best oral treatment for ticks and fleas is right for your pet Our pharmacists are available to provide pet parents with advice.

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