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Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth

Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth—Obtaining orthodontic therapy can be among the most rewarding choices you make in your life. Apart from the health and wellness and functional benefits of having straight teeth and an appropriate attack, the enhanced self-confidence, and self-confidence that come with having a beautiful grin have a favorable effect on all locations of life, from the institution and work to individual connections.

As beneficial as orthodontic therapy is, you might experience some initial pain or various other signs, such as having a small lisp when you talk. These signs are usually small and decrease once your mouth and teeth adapt to your dental braces (or retainer, or Invisalign® aligner).


What is Xerostomia?

Xerostomia, or dry mouth disorder, is another problem you might experience while undergoing orthodontic therapy. Xerostomia occurs when there’s a decrease or lack of saliva in your mouth.


What Causes Dry Mouth Disorder?

Many foods, beverages, and medications can cause dry mouth disorder.

Taking a breath through your mouth and snoring when you rest are various other offenders when it comes to dry mouth.

Xerostomia can also be a sign of more major hidden health and wellness problems. Rheumatoid joint inflammation, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes are simply a couple of the clinical problems that can cause dry mouth.

Because of this, it is important to talk with your doctor and guideline out various other factors before addressing xerostomia by yourself.

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