Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth : Can I Sleep with Braces Wax

Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth

Dental braces can cause dry mouth for some clients.

This tends to hold especially if you do a great deal of talking throughout the day—giving talks or carrying out business conferences, for instance.

The factor you experience xerostomia throughout orthodontic therapy is because the dental braces, Invisalign® aligners, or retainer may at first cause some inflammation or periodontal swelling. Your body responds by decreasing saliva manufacturing, which in transform causes the enhanced dry skin you feel in your mouth.


What Happens if Xerostomia is Left Neglected?

Xerostomia is unpleasant and can make consuming, ingesting, and talking challenging. It can also cause bad breath, excessive thirst, and tongue discomfort.

Saliva plays an important role in remineralizing your teeth and neutralizing plaque acids. That means if left ignored, dry mouth could lead to more major dental health issues such as periodontal illness and tooth degeneration.

If you have eliminated more major problems and have determined that the dental braces (or various other orthodontic appliances) are certainly triggering your dry mouth, that gives several of our simple solutions listed below a shot.

Simply be safe and obtain authorization from your doctor as needed before including or getting rid of anything from your diet or everyday routine.


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