Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth : Can I Sleep with Braces Wax

Eat Foods with High Moisture Content

Avoid foods that are dry and/or salted such as biscuits, chips, dry meat, bread, and salute. Rather, choose “damp” foods and those with high moisture content. Fruits and veggies, smoothies, soups, and stews are all great choices. Choosing damp fish and eggs over red meat and offering food warm rather than piping warm can also help.


Eliminate Cigarette Items

There are so many better needs to quit using cigarette items that we almost didn’t include them on the list. But if getting rid of dry mouth is what sets off you to kick the habit—hey, whatever works. It is well worth keeping in mind that using cigarettes in any form (chewing cigarettes, hookah, and so on.) will dry your mouth.


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