Can Braces Cause Dry Mouth : Can I Sleep with Braces Wax

Can I Sleep with Braces Wax

Can I Sleep with Braces Wax. The answer is yes, you can leave the wax on overnight. In truth, it is a smart idea to leave wax on while you rest. This is because abrasion injuries often occur while you are asleep. And do not worry about unintentionally ingesting wax throughout your rest, since swallowed wax will not cause you any harm.


Handling chafing from braces and cables

It is normal for braces and cables to aggravate your cheeks and periodontally throughout the first week of wearing your new dental braces. The within your mouth tends to be delicate, but it will quickly toughen in reaction to wearing dental braces.

In the meanwhile, you can use oral wax to earn your dental braces much less rough. In most situations, your dental professional will provide you with oral wax. Use it over your braces, and any protruding items of cable, before going to sleep. This does a great deal in regards to preventing inflammation. (And do not worry if you unintentionally ingest some of the wax—it’s safe.)

Additionally, you should bear in mind your resting position. If you rest in your corner or on your stomach—and thereby with your face laterally on your pillow—your dental braces will massage your cheek. Resting on your back is the better option.


Handling discomfort triggered by teeth grinding

Teeth grinding and wearing dental braces do not blend. In truth, clamping your teeth down on elements of your dental braces can cause a bargain of pain—even enough to wake you up!

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If you work your teeth in your rest, you will probably need a nightguard, a versatile mouthguard that safeguards your teeth. It is best to talk with your dental professional about this option in advance so that you are wearing your evening protection from the very start.

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