Can I Contaminate Someone While on Prep work | And Does Prep work Prevent Transmission of HIV

Is it Safe to Have Sex with Someone on Prep work

Is it Safe to Have Sex with Someone on Prep work. PrEP doesn’t shield anyone from various various other STDs such as herpes, gonorrhea or chlamydia, or Syphilis. It is recommended to use prophylactics for sex while on PrEP to ensure the best level of protection versus HIV Transmission and evasion of STDs/STI.


Maintain using prophylactics when having sex, also if you regularly take HIV-preventing medications

Although it aims to prevent HIV, PrEP does not instantly make you 100% lacking the risk of HIV. The effectiveness of this medication is estimated at simply about 92% to lower your risk of having actually HIV. In purchase to maintain the effectiveness of PrEP, it is still important for you and your buddy to constantly practice safe sex using prophylactics.

Regularly taking PrEP and constantly using a condom when having sex with an HIV-positive buddy will greatly help you to avoid the risk of HIV transmission. Furthermore, the use prophylactics can provide protection from the risk of various various other sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

The factor is, taking PrEP alone will not protect you from the risk of venereal disease. Not to forget, it is also important to undergo routine HIV and venereal disease tests with each various other.


How should this medication be taken?

You need to consult a doctor if you think you need this HIV-preventing medication. PrEP can simply be suggested by a doctor and can work effectively if taken as suggested.

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If you are planning to take PrEP, there are a pair of factors to keep in mind:

⦁ Before you start taking PrEP, you should have an HIV test to make certain you don’t catch the infection.

⦁ Throughout taking PrEP, you should consult a doctor every 3 months for follow-up (follow-up), HIV testing, and prescription refills.

⦁ Ask your healthcare provider about evaluations and follow-up visits.


You can quit taking this HIV-preventing medication for the following factors:

⦁ The risk of direct direct exposure to HIV decreases, for circumstances, if you quit changing sex buddies or quit sharing needles.

⦁ You don’t want to take your medication as suggested or disregard it often.

⦁ You experience unfavorable impacts that disrupt your health and wellness and health.

⦁ Blood tests show your body reacts negatively to PrEP.

If you feel you need to quit taking HIV-preventing medications, talk for your doctor about various various other evasion methods. In the on the other hand, if you ever want to go back to taking PrEP, notify your doctor right away. You might need an HIV test before you start taking PrEP again.


Can I Contaminate Someone While on Prep work

Can I Contaminate Someone While on Prep work. You cannot contract HIV by taking PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) since this treatment is preventive, and therefore not recommended for people that presently are experiencing from HIV.

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