Can I Contaminate Someone While on Preparation | And Does Preparation Prevent Transmission of HIV

Can I Contaminate Someone While on Preparation

PrEP ( pre-exposure prophylaxis ) is known as a medication that can prevent HIV (human immunodeficiency infection). If you deal with someone that is HIV favorable, you need to know how to protect on your own from transmitting the infection. Well, among the initiatives to prevent HIV is to take PrEP medication. Find more about Can I Contaminate Someone While on Preparation, in this article.


What is PrEP?

PrEP ( pre-exposure prophylaxis ) is a medication that prevents the transmission of infection for individuals that go to high risk of having HIV from sex or infusing narcotics. PrEP is a mix of 2 HIV medications, specifically tenofovir and emtricitabine.

2 kinds of PrEP that can prevent HIV are:

⦁ Truvada, for individuals that are in danger of HIV from sexual relations or shot medication use.

⦁ Descovy, for individuals in danger of HIV from sexual relations, besides individuals birthed as ladies and in danger of having HIV from genital sex.

PrEP medications are among the effective ways to prevent HIV if used regularly. You’re recommended to take this medication once daily to prevent transmission of HIV infection from HIV -positive companions. PrEP isn’t for everybody. HIV avoidance medications are intended for individuals that don’t have HIV but have a high risk of having it.

PrEP has the ability to protect you maximally from the HIV infection that’s transmitted through rectal sex after 7 days of use. On the other hand, PrEP can maximally protect versus HIV transmission through genital sex and shot medication use after 20 days of taking it. This medication is well tolerated by the body for up to 5 years of use.

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Does Preparation Prevent Transmission of HIV

Does Preparation Prevent Transmission of HIV. Prophylactic therapy for pre-exposure (PrEP) can help in preventing HIV infection also in those that do not experience from HIV but are in danger of obtaining contaminated. PrEP involves taking the mix medication emtricitabine-tenofovir (Truvada) or emtricitabine plus tenofovir alafenamide (Descovy) daily.

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