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Can I Sleep with Dental Wax in my Mouth

Can I Sleep with Dental Wax in my Mouth—Dental braces are a truth of life, and while sometimes unpleasant, will eventually help you obtain the grin you deserve. But sometimes, you might experience a scratchy, unpleasant feeling because of cables pushing versus your periodontal.

That is where oral wax is available, a unique wax you can carry on hand that will provide alleviation and prevents discomfort. Here is an appearance at what orthodontic wax is, how to put it on, and how it can ease your dental braces pain.


What Is Wax For Dental braces Made Of?

Oral wax is made from all-natural waxes and sometimes includes a couple of extra ingredients for structure and taste, such as mint. Some oral wax items are made from beeswax or carnauba wax, while others are made from microcrystalline or paraffin wax originated from oil.

What’s important to keep in mind is that orthodontic wax is all-natural and safe to have in your mouth. Inning accordance with the Canadian Organization of Orthodontists, it is completely normal for clients to unintentionally consume a bit of wax if it diminishes while talking or chewing.


How Does Oral Wax Work?

The unique residential or commercial homes of oral wax make it perfect for protecting your periodontal from the steel sides of dental braces. The wax is strong at room temperature level but can be softened and shaped by the heat of your hands. When smoothed into the dental braces that aggravate, it sticks to them and produces a buffer in between the braces and the periodontal. Oral wax remains smooth while in the mouth and harmlessly flakes away or peels as it damages down.

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