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What is a Polyband?

Unlike various other brand names, whose braid owners include hair-pulling rubber, Scunci No Damage Polybands are made completely of soft, no-slip flexible. Simply slide one on to maintain your braid in position while exercising or use it for a daily laid-back design. This package comes with 500 two-toned Polybands.


What dimension rubber band does I need?

Rubber band size is measured by laying the band level and measuring the range from finish to finish. The level size should be much less compared to fifty percent of the area of the item(s) you’re binding. If a rubber band is too lengthy, it will not provide any holding power.


What are rubber bands made these days?

Material. Rubber bands are typically constructed out of all-natural rubber combined with a specific portion of artificial rubber, usually, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is more durable through a variety of temperature levels, as well as immune to UV and oxidization.

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