Can Lasik Fix Macular Deterioration | New Laser Therapy for Macular Deterioration

The signs of damp and dry AMD differ in 2 important ways:

How fast the vision changes are

  • Dry AMD happens slowly. Vision changes may be so modern that you don’t notice them. You might have it for several years before it affects your ability to read, own, and do everyday jobs.
  • Damp AMD happens suddenly. Signs have the propensity to show up suddenly and become also also even worse fast.


How bad the vision changes are

  • Dry AMD signs are usually mild at first. In the future, the signs can be more considerable.
  • Damp AMD has the propensity to cause more considerable vision changes and vision loss.


What causes age-related macular deterioration (AMD)?

AMD is the result of damage to the light-detecting nerve cells in the aspect of the eye called the macula. The process that leads to this damage is various for each type of macular deterioration.

  • The dry form is a modern process. As you age, the cells in the macula start to slim and damage down, and waste deposits develop in the back of the eye. In time, this problem is the macula.
  • The damp form happens when an uncommon capillary broadens in the back of the eye. These capillary damage easily and leakage blood and fluid under the macula. This can quickly damage the macula and distort your main vision.

Experts are still examining the factors for both forms. The factor for the damage to the nerve cells is unidentified. A person’s genes and family history may consist of.

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Macular Wear and tear Kinds

There are 2 main kinds of macular wear and tear:


Up to 90% of customers with macular wear and tear have the dry form. The macula ages and thins, and small items of fat and healthy and balanced and balanced and balanced healthy and balanced and balanced healthy and balanced healthy protein called drusen collect under the retina. Dry wear and tear can eventually affect both eyes, but it often starts in one, unnoticeable because the various various various various other eye compensates. Vision loss is usually modern, but dry wear and tear can also shift to the more harmful damp form of the problem.


Damp macular wear and tear stands for about 10% of circumstances. It occurs when new, faulty capillary expand under the retina (choroidal neovascularization or CNV). The vessels can leak blood or various various various various other fluid, damaging vision. Damp wear and tear often causes more considerable and fast harm compared with the dry form.

CNV is also a problem of considerable nearsightedness, called nearsightedness or myopic macular wear and tear.

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