Can Wearing Dentures Cause Tmj | And What are Common Problems with dentures

What is Symtomps of TMJ

TMJ may present with a variety of signs and, if you are experiencing any one of these consult a physician to determine the cause. It is crucial to understand this: TMJ is a condition that can be fixed and treated using the correct techniques.

  • Aching About or In The Ears
  • Sore or Tender Jaw It prevails to experience jaw discomfort, particularly when consuming or yawning
  • The sound of clicking or standing out when you move your jaw
  • Jaw Secured or Limited
  • Frequent migraines


TMJ And Dentures

TMJ And Dentures. To understand the impact of dentures on TMJ It’s important to understand the reasons for TMJ. A misaligned attack arising from broken or missing out on teeth usually leads to TMJ condition because of the stress of the mouth obtaining distorted which places additional stress on the jaw. Therefore partial dentures can reduce this issue by changing your jaw back to its normal position. It’s also one of the most relaxing position.

But, if they’re not well-fitted, dentures can cause a misaligned attack and many think that dentures are the reason for their TMJ. However, it is just the outcome of incorrectly equipped dentures. Changing the in shape may refix this issue. Another problem that dentures face is that many wear dentures way previous their top. Additionally, the face look and jaw could change in time. To address this it’s important to obtain oral implants that are changed every 5 to 7 years.


Connecting Oral Signs to Dentures

So how can you determine that the dentures may be in charge of or triggering your TMJ? Here are a couple of signs that these 2 problems could be related:

  • The signs started when you had dentures
  • The signs become worse when you wear your dentures.
  • You are more relaxed with dentures removed compared to with
  • Denture signs consist of periodontal discomfort and wear
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If you’re likely to think that the dentures may be producing your pain and pain, we can help. We’ll instantly change your dentures so that they in shape better, which can ease. After that, we will produce and in shape a set of dentures for neuromuscular conditions to ease your signs for a very long time.

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