Can Wearing Dentures Cause Tmj | And What are Common Problems with dentures

Various kinds of denture discomfort

Here are some kinds of denture discomfort you need to know about:

Rubbing, loosened Dentures

A common issue when fitting dentures badly is that they can slide about inside the mouth, which can cause unpleasant rubbing. This can outcome in side stress which can press into your periodontals by the sides and cause sores where your dentures should not be putting stress.

Dentures that scmassage periodontals can be incredibly frustrating because it is a kind of discomfort in the denture that usually is reoccurring after it is dealt with. This is because your body takes in the bone that held your teeth. Consequently, dentures that were once equipped may shed their form.

The looseness of your dentures and the rubbing they do could cause sores on the dentures which will not recover until you quit the rubbing.


Squeezing, limited and limited

However, the dentures may be put in a manner that they push versus your periodontals too a lot. The discomfort will not last for lengthy typically, but that is not a great sign because it recommends that the dentures are production your periodontals recede, and your bones shrink (vanish) faster compared to they are supposed to.


Stress isn’t balanced

Dentures should be set in a manner that they can split stress from chewing throughout your mouth. However, if your dentures just weren’t constructed properly, you might remain in a specific location where your periodontals are subjected to more stress compared to others which can outcome in unpleasant squeeze factors where your periodontals may recede and subject your bone beneath. In various other circumstances, the unequal bone stress could cause the body to eliminate bone faster, which leads them to shed their form faster.

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Sharp Bone Discomfort

In the context of bone, the bones may cause oral discomfort, too. Sometimes, it is connected to the elimination of your teeth. This may outcome in bone pieces obtaining stuck within your periodontals or trigger sharp factors within the bone ridge that offers to assist support your teeth.


Shedding Mouth Disorder

Shedding mouth disorder happens a problem where you feel a moderate to an extreme shedding feeling in your mouth, which is often associated with the dentures you wear. Maybe because of the insufficient in shape of the denture that causes the denture to aggravate specific nerves. Or, it may be because of dental illness, such as Candida as well as periodontal illness. It could also be because of an allergic reaction response to the material used in the denture.

Your dental professional must investigate the reasons for shedding mouth disorder, as well as inspect your periodontals for sores.



As opposed to most forms of denture pain, temporomandibular joint condition (TMJ) can trigger pain in your mouth. It’s a reason for jaw discomfort, and regular migraines as your dentures place your jaw in a unpleasant position that places strain on muscle mass and presses nerves.

It is not simply a problem of fitting better dentures. It is important to work together with a dental professional that can understand the neuromuscular links in between your jaw and migraines. The dental professional you choose must produce dentures that can provide an equilibrium of forces for the various elements of your attack. The best component? This is a service to various other TMJ signs consisting of earache lightheadedness or vertigo, neck discomfort, and so forth.

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How to Cure TMJ

Natural home remedy can consist of:

  • Applying an ice load or warm sprinkle to the jaw.
  • Using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen (Advil) together with pain killers and antidepressants or muscle mass relaxants.
  • Eating soft food.
  • Wearing a nightguard or splint.
  • Doing exercises that target TMJ.
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