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Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors

Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors—Poking dental braces cable is a typical problem for dental braces wearer, and this happens to you all of a sudden, you must wish to know, “How to fix a poking dental braces cable in your home?”

You can fix poking dental braces cable using the following techniques:

  • Placing an orthodontic wax
  • Pressing the cable far from the cheek with a pencil eraser, spoon, or cotton swab
  • Flexing the cable with tweezers or a plier
  • Reducing the cable with a toe fingernails clipper or fingernail scissors

You can fix the cable briefly by using these techniques, as you might not visit your orthodontist instantly. But, it does not imply, that you do not need to earn a visit. Your orthodontist must fix the dental braces cable completely.


How to fix a poking dental braces cable in your home?

You may have a poking dental braces cable because of attacking hard foods, the bad tooth cleaning method, an injury to dental braces, and various other factors. It can occur all of a sudden and you might not visit them. The sharp finish of the cable starts poking your cheek or periodontal.

So, it needs to repair. But, what to do when the cable of your dental braces is poking you? You need to use simple devices that are available in your home to fix the cable. However, you might need it to buy some devices from nearby oral stores.

Here are the techniques and actions to fix a poking dental braces cable in your home:

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Method 1: Placing an orthodontic wax

The easiest service for a poking cable is to put some orthodontic wax in addition to it. Consequently, the sharp side of the cable can not hurt your cheek, periodontal, or rear of the mouth.

But, how to use the wax?

Here’s the detailed overview of using wax on a poking dental braces cable:

Gather orthodontic wax

You can gather the oral wax from your orthodontist. If you do not have the wax at your home, you can buy it from an oral store. Ortho wax is available in sheet form.

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