Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors : Braces with Rubber Bands Pain

Wash your hands properly

Wash hands well with soap and makes them try. Do not touch it without cleaning your hand, as you need to maintain it inside your mouth and the filthy tranquility of wax isn’t great for your health and wellness.


Take a sheet of wax

Take a tidy wax and maintain it in a tidy place inside a box or package. You need to take a small item of wax from this sheet. But, you can’t use an item of wax that you formerly used. Bear in mind that, you must maintain dental health.


Cut an item of wax

Cut an item of wax as long as you need to cover the poking cable with your fingers.


Make a wax roll

Take it in the hand of the hand and roll it with your fingers.


Wash your mouth thoroughly

Before placing wax on the cable, clean, and floss your teeth properly to remove all the food particles. If you put wax without cleaning your mouth, food particles and bacteria obtain stuck in between the wax and tooth.

This leads to cavity development and the level of sensitivity of the tooth. So, beware.

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