Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors : Braces with Rubber Bands Pain

Dry the affected location

After cleaning the mouth, dry the cable, braces, and teeth. Hold your lips and cheek far from the location you need to put wax. Air helps dry the surface by doing this. However, you can use a sterilized and clean gauze item to dry it. But, do not use cotton, as it can obtain captured in the pokey cable.


Take help from a mirror

Use the wax on the poking surface of the cable with your hand. You can do it by looking at the mirror.


Use the wax

Take the wax on the suggestion of your finger. First, put it on the sharp pokey side of the cable. After that, carefully push it until it covers the cable. Make certain that it covers the poking finish of the cable, as a lot of pushing can outcome in poking out the cable through the wax.

It is normal to feel a little bit of aching or discomfort after placing the wax, as it gives stress to the tooth and brace. But, it disappears in time.

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