Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors : Braces with Rubber Bands Pain

Maintain the wax

Change the wax now and then, at the very least 4 to 5 times a day. Dispose of the wax instantly that you have currently used. You should remove the wax while you consume it to prevent on your own from ingestion.

If you ingest a part of wax unintentionally, do not obtain worried, as it does not do any harm usually. However, speak with your orthodontist if it happens. Do not clean or floss your teeth with wax on dental braces. Do not quit using the wax until you look for your orthodontist.

However, maintaining the wax in the mouth for a very long time and preserving it can be a concern for you. So, visit fast.

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Method 2: Pressing cable far from the cheek with the eraser finish of a pencil

If orthodontic wax can’t help you, you might ask, “How to fix a poking cable on dental braces without wax?” You can use the eraser finish of a pencil if you slim cable used for tightening up is poking from the brace.

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It is not so great for the archwire, as it is thick. So, it is challenging to flex the archwire with this method. Moreover, you do not have great access to the location as well because it remains in the rear of the mouth.

Currently, let’s know about the slim cable.

Here are the actions to fix a poking slim cable using the pencil eraser:

Take a tidy pencil having an eraser

Make certain the eraser finish of the pencil is clean. It is better to take a brand-new pencil for that. You can also clean and dry the eraser finish with soap before using it.

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