Can you Cut Braces Wire with Scissors : Braces with Rubber Bands Pain

Take a mirror to appear at the position of the cable

Go before a mirror and after that use the method so that you do not do any mistakes.


Draw your cheek with a tidy hand

Wash your hand with soap. After that, grab the side of the cheek where the problem exists. Currently, draw the cheek away to subject the location.


Touch the poking cable with the eraser finish of the pencil

Hold the pencil with the various other hand and touch the eraser finish of the pencil to the poking finish of the cable.


Press the cable carefully far from the cheek

After touching the pokey finish of the cable, put mild stress, and put the cable far from the cheek and towards the braces. Attempt to place the cable under the archwire or near the tooth. However, you need to do it carefully so that it can’t cause various other problems. This process just works with a slim versatile cable.


Method 3: Pressing cable with cotton bud or spoon

Follow the same treatment as you do with pencils. Talking a sterilized direction, there’s another point such as a cotton bud. Take a brand-new cotton swab every time you use it for dental braces. It is soft, so it does not damage the dental braces cable easily. It also does not hurt you.

You can also the backside of a spoon. Wash it with soap well before using it. You need to be very careful of using a spoon, or else, it may hurt your teeth or dental braces.

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