Can you Have Honey While on Keto Diet | And What is Raw Honey

The Raw Honey Effects on the Body

Despite the numerous advantages, there are some potential adverse effects of consuming raw honey. These include blood sugar regulation weight gain, botulism, and many allergic reactions.

Sugar Level

It is true that there are carbs (sugars) in honey, which is why it’s advised to consume it in moderation as it can cause an increase in blood sugar. This is crucial for those suffering from diabetes.



One of the unique risks of honey that is raw is the possibility that it could contain Clostridium botulinum spores that can trigger severe side effects, particularly for children who are young.


Weight Gain

While the calorie content in this honey doesn’t seem to be excessive, however, excessive consumption could cause an increase in weight slowly, when you don’t take into account the increased calories within your eating habits and exercises.


Allergic Reactions

Certain individuals are allergic to the venom of bees or pollens from specific flowers that resulted in producing honey which can trigger stomach discomfort and redness, swelling as well as rashes and discomfort.

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