Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects | And How to Sue Pharmaceutical Company

Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects

If you’re injured or the condition gets worse because of a medication’s adverse effect it is possible to claim someone else’s responsibility. But even if you suffer from adverse effects from medication is not a reason to bring a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company. Find out a more complete explanation of “Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects” in the following article.

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So, let’s take a look at the full review of Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects, below.


Common Defective Drug Side Effects

Defective medicines can trigger various dangerous and life-threatening side effects. The most frequent negative side effects that can cause patients to file lawsuits are:

  • Physical debilitation that can be chronic, such as painfulness, defects in birth, and slow growth
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • The risk of developing cancer is higher
  • Heart and cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks congestive heart failure, congestive heart attack, and blood clots
  • Suicidal thoughts and increased likelihood of suicide


Types Of Defective Drug Claims

There are three kinds of lawsuits involving defective drugs that you may file following the occurrence of negative side effects, based on the cause of the defect that led to side negative effects:

Defective manufacturing

Lawsuits These kinds of lawsuits claim that side consequences were caused by flaws in the manufacturing process or contamination caused by manufacturing conditions. For instance, an issue with the manufacturing line led to the drug being infected with something which led to your side effects.

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Defective design claims

If the formula of the drug was flawed that caused the medication to be unsafe or unsuitable for the treatment you are receiving it is possible to submit a claim for defective design.


Failure to notify lawsuits

Drugmakers are required to disclose the potential adverse effects of their drugs on the packaging, such as bottles, pillboxes, and information on prescribing. Doctors also have a responsibility to inform patients of possible interactions or side effects before prescribing any drug. Many defective drug lawsuits claim that there was no need to properly warn patients about potential adverse effects or the extent.

It could be the best option to consult with a seasoned Cincinnati attorney for product liability for a discussion of the particulars of your situation. An attorney can help you decide which type of lawsuit to submit. The attorneys at our firm have assisted many people who have suffered from defective medicines to receive the compensation they deserved for how these medications affect their health.

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