Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects | And How to Sue Pharmaceutical Company

How much can I be able to get from a medication side effect claim?

The amount you could receive from your claim will depend on the extent to which you were injured and how negligent the drugmaker was when it came to designing and manufacturing or marketing their product. Drug manufacturers are sued for compensation in the form of damages. Common damages asserted in drug side effects lawsuits are:

  • The cost of medical treatment for your injuries
  • Payment for lost wages if you were absent from work for some time
  • Compensation for loss of earning capacity if you are unable to be employed shortly.
  • The physical trauma and emotional pain
  • Damages for wrongful death if the person in your family died due to an injury caused by drugs.

Patients who suffer injuries due to harmful drug side effects could have to deal with expensive health issues that last for a lifetime. The amount of money aside affects a lawsuit can be the difference between financial security and ruin. It is important to consider your options if you’ve suffered an injury by adverse effects caused by an unsuitable medication.

Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects | And How to Sue Pharmaceutical Company

Can you sue for recalls of medicine?

If you’ve suffered harm from the recall of a drug, you could be in a position to sue and obtain compensation for the harm you sustained. Recalls of drugs can occur in various ways. They could be requested through FDA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the drug manufacturer may choose to recall their product if there is a serious issue.

  • Concerns about the safety of medication and the dangerous side effects it can cause
  • The manufacturing process can cause contamination, as does packaging
  • Labeling errors, such as not listing potential adverse consequences
  • Marketing and branding concerns as well as misleading and false claims are used to describe a drug’s effectiveness or usage.
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The number of recalls of drugs throughout the United States every year. These recalls could result in class action lawsuits if a large number of sufferers have suffered the same and similar injury.

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