Can you Sue for Medication Side Effects | And How to Sue Pharmaceutical Company

Who else is liable for drug-related side effects claim?

It’s not just pharmaceutical companies that could be responsible for the case of claims for drug side effects. Many doctors and healthcare professionals strive to give good medical care, when exhausted and stressed providers make errors regarding medications or other medications, and they may injure patients. Examples:

  • Doctors could be accountable when they know or recklessly prescribe medications that negatively interact with other medicines the patients are taking.
  • Doctors may be accountable when they prescribe medication without informing patients about the possibility of harmful adverse consequences.
  • Pharmacists and pharmacies can be sued when they fill prescriptions without discussing serious side effects or do not provide documents on possible side consequences.
  • Hospitals may be responsible for administering medications that cause dangerous adverse consequences.

These are only a few examples of the people who could be held responsible in cases of drug side effects and not just instead of drug companies. Sometimes, more than one person can be held responsible in lawsuits.

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