Cough Drops Vegan : Equate Menthol Cough Drops

Are Strepsils vegan?

Most Strepsils are vegan-friendly as they don’t include any animal-derived ingredients. The exemption is honey and lemon Strepsils as honey isn’t appropriate for vegans. Vegans should also understand that Strepsils may have been evaluated on pets.

The just animal-derived component in Strepsils is honey. This is just found in the Strepsils that say ‘Honey & Lemon’ on the front, so it is easy to avoid without examining the labelling too hard.


Can vegans have Strepsils?

If you avoid the honey-flavoured Strepsils, after that the various other flavours are all vegan by component. However, the use pet testing is an issue, so you might wish to try another brand name of throat wonderful that hasn’t already been evaluated on pets rather than Strepsils.


Do Strepsils include paracetamol?

Strepsils throat lozenges don’t include paracetamol.

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