Diet Food List For Men – Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

Today that will tell you a little about the diet food list for men – Healthy Foods For Weight Loss, which is a list of foods that are good for consumption and foods that are prohibited. Having a good body is a dream for all men. Let’s read the article below.

The decisive rule is: “Something of everything and a little more fruit and vegetables!”
Ideally, each meal should consist of
50% Carbohydrate
30% protein
20% fat

There is no standard diet or the ideal amount for calorie intake because the needs of people and individuals are too different. The best diet or nutrition is a well-arranged low-calorie diet. Their health benefits can and should be supported by the sport.

The basic rules for proper nutrition

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in various forms 3-5 times a day (e.g. orange juice, asparagus, apple, fruit yogurt, etc.)
  • Avoid routine consumption of ready-made products (e.g. frozen pizzas)
  • Buy high-quality, fresh food (e.g. fish, seasonal vegetables)
  • Drink plenty of water, milk, juice or tea, about 2-3 liters spread throughout the day
  • Eat meat and sausage, but not more than 2-3 times a week
  • Eat lots of fiber and raw side dishes (e.g. lettuce, flaxseed)
  • Take your time to eat

Calories and Aging – Less is More!

  • Research has shown that reducing calories or even making yourself starving slightly slows down the aging process. As a fashion trend, there is even talk of skipping one dinner per week to stop the aging process (dinner cancellation).
  • A definite mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease is correlated with the so-called Body Mass Index (BMI) in which indicates excess weight.
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Healthy eating goals for men

  • Diet food list for men maintain physical and mental performance through active and independent health behaviors.
  • Be vigilant and focus on handling daily work with proper work-life balance.
  • Contribute to maintaining health by avoiding risk factors such as cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure), diabetes, or obesity.
  • Stabilization of blood sugar levels ensures constant health

Problems in the men’s world

  • Excessive energy consumption due to excessive individual consumption estimates: not growing muscles, but mostly stomach.
  • Meat/Meat Products: Due to gender-specific habits, the size of the portions is usually too large.
  • There are a few things to do when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables
    Note the selection of the drink: more water/juice sprayers, but fewer soft drinks.
  • Men have special nutritional needs. To meet this demand, the main focus must be on energy, proteins, and vital substances. This does not only apply to nutrients in your spare time but mainly for nutrition in the workplace.
  • Tips, advice, and support from doctors can help in the implementation.


Diet Food List For Men - Healthy Foods For Weight Loss


Proper nutrition in the office


Increasing the need for vital substances to remain productive throughout the day and not depleted at night, with very moderate energy needs at the same time.


Avoid decreased diet-related performance with loss of concentration, avoiding food cravings, and health risks (e.g. cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity).

Proper nutrition in the field


Medium energy needs due to long sitting, irregular working hours, pressure deadlines, lack of fluid, less thirst, dehydration due to air conditioning.

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  • Maintain concentration ability, stay awake on a long journey, avoid blood sugar fluctuations, maintain health.
  • The right nutrition for heavy work in the industry


Increased nutritional needs, above average, high energy needs, and often difficult to meet the needs of liquids at high working temperatures.


Proper nutrition with above-average energy and nutritional needs, avoiding arteriosclerosis, rheumatic diseases, etc. due to high stress. Proper nutrition for heavy construction work.


Pressure deadlines, unsuitable resting places, high fluid needs with sometimes extreme outside temperatures (high and also low), stay away from home with an unbalanced diet.


Reduction of accident risk, preservation of performance and health, prevention of secondary diseases due to malnutrition, and excessive work.

List For Men Healthy Foods For Weight Loss

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