Does Zyn Cause Gum Recession : And Zen Pouch Tobacco

Does Zyn Cause Gum Recession: Oral Health Effects of Specific Products


Cigarettes are among the most frequently consumed type of nicotine across the U.S. In 2018, more than 34 million Americans were regular smokers. Smoking cigarettes is horrible for overall health and can have a devastating effect on your mouth.


Dry Mouth

Smoking cigarettes can cause dryness within the mouth’s interior. Dry mouths are at an even greater risk of developing gum disease and dental cavities. Saliva is vital to fight off those bacteria responsible for dental conditions, and when you continuously dry your mouth through smoking cigarettes, it can counteract the saliva’s protective properties.


Bad Breath

The elevated levels of bacterial activity induced by dry mouth, and the natural odor of cigarettes create the distinctive unpleasant smell that we commonly refer to as “smoker’s breath”. A high level of bacteria in the mouth is always a cause of the odor of the bad breath. A dry mouth can make plaque more sticky and harder to get rid of through flossing and brushing and the bad breath experienced by smokers is more persistent than that of non-smokers.


The Dark Stains On Teeth

The chemicals from cigarettes that are sucked into the teeth as you smoke are absorbed by the surfaces of your teeth, taking the form of stained teeth. As time passes, these surface stainings become embedded into the tooth’s structure and then transform into deep internal stains, which require professional teeth whitening in order to remove their appearance and restore your teeth to their natural color.

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Higher Risk of Post-Extraction Problems

If smokers undergo a procedure to have their dental extraction, they are at more risk of developing complications after the procedure. The pressure that is sucked by cigarettes smoking could draw out a blood clot and cause the painful discomfort of dry sockets. A dry mouth can increase the risk of post-operative infections.


Dental Implant Failures

Implants with dental implants will fail more frequently in people who smoke due to the inability of circulation of blood to the surgical site. A failed implant means that the jawbone surrounding it is not able to connect to the implant. The implant eventually may become loose and even disappear from the mouth.


Oral Cancer

Smokers can be six times more likely than non-smokers to develop oral cancer. The effects of carcinogenic chemical compounds in tobacco on the soft tissue of oral tissue increase the chance of cellular changes leading to cancer. (This risk is increased exponentially when you drink alcohol and smoke frequently!)


Smokeless Tobacco (Dip, Chewing Tobacco)

Zyn pouches to quit dipping. Smokeless tobacco usage is less widespread than smoking cigarettes however it is not less risky! The components that make up smokeless tobacco can cause damage visible to soft tissues of the mouth. The most noticeable issue is known as the tobacco pouch keratosis which occurs when the region that houses the smokeless tobacco is thicker and a change in color in the tissues that line it. These changes at the surface can cause larger changes and even oral cancer in the course of time.

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Smokers who do not smoke have a higher risk of oral cancer which is more than fifty times higher than non-tobacco smokers!

This kind of tobacco results in staining of the teeth, and increases the chance of post-operative infections in surgical areas.


Nicotine Gum

In general, people chew nicotine gum to gradually transition off of tobacco. Nicotine gum is free of sugar and chewing actually increases saliva production. Therefore, smoking nicotine gum will not increase your risk of getting gum disease or cavities (aside from the risk inherent to gum disease that comes with nicotine, which is discussed in the initial section).

There are two dental dangers associated with nicotine gum. Patients who have had dental work for a long time might experience loosening or dislodging of crowns, fillings, or fillings. It is crucial to see your dentist frequently to ensure that chewing gum won’t cause an emergency with your dental.

Continuous chewing of gum can aggravate signs of TMJ disorder. If you experience issues with your jaw joint, like clicking, locking or pain, avoid chewing gum without first consulting your dentist.


Nicotine Lozenges

Another form of nicotine employed to assist smokers to quit smoking is the nicotine leaf. It’s similar to tobacco in that they release tiny amounts of nicotine while users hold this lozenge inside their mouths. They are also sugar-free, and will not result in a higher risk of developing cavities. They don’t offer the same level of saliva stimulation as chewing gum, however, the taste of the lozenge could trigger a slight rise in saliva production.

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Lozenge owners should be wary of the urge to eat the lozenge in the same way as hard candy. This could result in broken dental restorations as well as damaged teeth. It is important to see your dentist on a regular basis for routine examinations and professional cleaning of your teeth to maintain your mouth’s health after quitting smoking cigarettes.


Zyn to Quit Chewing

Zyn to Quit Chewing. Here are some tips to help you quit chewing:

  • Create a memorable quit day starting from the beginning. You’re doing yourself a tremendous favor
  • Alter your routines throughout the day to stay off from the nicotine triggers. Breakfast is a meal do not sit in the same spot at the table in the kitchen.
  • Make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned
  • Stay busy and active
  • Chew substitutes

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