Easy Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie Recipes

Delicious dessert, this is Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie. Butternut Squash is fresh with a sweet taste combined with a crispy crust pie that produces soft and delicious food. This dish can be made during long holidays because it takes several stages that take a lot of time.

This dessert is usually served at large events or family dinners. When the coronavirus the largest virus that can cause disease in humans and animals.

Butternut Squash Pie

I am very bored and need some activities that can eliminate saturation. Hesitation and fear led me to make all the delicious and hygienic home-style dishes.

Recipes that have been stored for a long time, and now I can re-create to serve this food. This is the flagship recipe I’ve ever made before. Process it gradually, starting by collecting ingredients, making pie skins and stuffing them, roasting them until they produce the perfect pie with a little extra Whipped Cream Frosting on it, which is safe if consumed by keto dieters.

All are very happy to eat it, and I will make another dish that you must try:

Equipment Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie

  • Oven

Ingredients Pie

Easy Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie Recipes
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
To make pie skins
  1. Beat the flour, sugar, and salt until well combined.
  2. Then, add the cold butter and cold vegetable shortening.
  3. Using a fork, process the dough until it has small crumbs the size of peas.
  4. After that, pour 1 tbsp of ice water slowly and stir until the dough merges.
  5. Remove the dough to a surface that has been sprinkled with flour.
  6. Next, cut the dough into 2 pieces and flatten it into 2 discs.
  7. Cover each one using plastic wrap and chill for about 1 hour.
  8. Roll the dough up to 12" in diameter, transfer the dough to a 9" pie plate.
  9. Gently put, cut the rest of the dough, and garnish the edges.
  10. Coat the pie dough with baking paper or foil, making sure to cover the bottom and sides.
To make Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie
  1. In a bowl, put the warm squash puree and melt the butter.
  2. Slice the brown sugar or puree so that there are no blobs.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients in sequence, whisking until everything is well mixed.
  4. Pour into the base layer of the 9" pie.
  5. Bake for about 1 hour in an oven with a temperature of 350 degrees. Until golden brown, and make sure the middle is cooked.
  6. Rest the pie for 10 minutes until cool.

Easy Mashed Stuffed Butternut Squash Pie Recipes


  • Pie skins can be prepared, tightly wrapped, and refrigerated for up to 3 days. If it is too cold to roll, let stand at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • To freeze the dough, wrap the dough tightly with plastic wrap and store it in the freezer bag for up to 3 months. Melt overnight in the fridge.
  • When measuring flour, be sure to use the spoon method and level. Too much flour can make the pie skin brittle and dry.
  • Add ice water just one tablespoon at a time and stir gently until the mixture starts to blend and you can squeeze it in the hand.
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