Low Carb Cream Cheese Desserts - No Bake Cheesecake
Recipe type: Dessert Recipes
Cuisine: Italian
Prep time: 
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Serves: 6 people
Low carb cream cheese desserts - super simple low carb no-bake cheesecake, is a food made with low-calorie ingredients, has a fresh taste, and is easy to make.
For a base diameter of 24 cm
  • 180 g dried wholemeal biscuits
  • 80 g light ass
For the cream
  • 500 g nonno Nanni fresh cheese
  • 250 g magro yogurt
  • 160 g fructose
  • 10 g the gelatin in sheets
  • 30 g water
  • 1 vanilla
Start by preparing the base of the cake:
  1. Put the wholemeal biscuit pieces into the mixer, once smoothly put them in a bowl.
  2. Now melt the butter in a saucepan, then gradually add the butter to the bowl containing the biscuits.
  3. Mix everything.
  4. Apply a baking sheet with a little butter, cut into baking paper with the same diameter as a baking sheet. Pour crushed biscuits into them. Flatten using a spoon.
  5. Put a baking sheet containing biscuits in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Content Creation :
  1. Soft sheets of gelatine in cold water for 10 minutes, then squeeze well.
  2. Meanwhile put cheese, fructose, Vanilli, yogurt into the mixer, operate the shaker to mix the ingredients.
  3. If the gelatin has melted, put it in a mixture of cheese and yogurt. mix all the ingredients well using a shaker.
  4. If the dough has expanded then the cream is ready. Next, pour the cream over the base of the biscuit and flatten it using the help of a spoon.
  5. Then put your cheesecake in the fridge for 4 hours to make it soy, then serve.
  1. You can store a light cheesecake in the fridge for 2-3 days in a sealed container, it is not recommended to freeze.
To give your cheesecake a touch of originality, you can replace fresh yogurt with a low-fat fruit yogurt of your choice. A simple and original way to customize this delicious yet low-calorie version of classic cheesecake!
Yogurt has long been known as a healthy food. Yogurt can lose weight. But keep in mind, yogurt consumption for diet also needs to be done with certain rules.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 268 kcal
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