Cheese Tea Recipe - Rock Salt and Cheese
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Chinese
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Serves: 3 cup
The tapioca boom has been arriving since last summer, but popular cheese tea from Taiwan may be the next trend! It attracts attention.
Cream Cheese
  • 20 g cream cheese
  • 15 g granulated sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 80 ml fresh cream
Cream Cheese Tea
  • 8 g tea leaves
  • 500 ml hot water
  • 30 g cream cheese
  • pinch of salt
Cream Chesee Boba Milk Tea
  • 3 tbsp boba
  • 70 ml iced tea
  • 70 ml of milk
  • 30 g cream cheese
  • pinch of salt
Boba Making Materials
  • 200 g tapioca flour
  • 100 g palm sugar
  • 120 ml of water for the dough mixture
  • 2 liters of water to boil boba
  • 4 pandan leaves
Cream cheese
  1. Mix the cream cheese and granulated sugar well.
  2. Mix the fresh cream little by little.
  3. Let stand for up to 6 minutes.
Cream Cheese Tea
  1. Put the tea leaves in a warm saucepan and pour boiling water to get out the bubbles.
  2. Cover and steam for 3 minutes, then mix with a spoon.
  3. Strain with a tea sieve.
  4. Chill at room temperature. (If it gets too cold, the cream will shrink and become murky).
  5. Pour the iced tea into a glass of ice.
  6. Gently pour the cream cheese on top.
  7. Complete with a pinch of salt.
  8. Have a drink while stirring!
Boba Milk Cheese Cream Tea
  1. Put the palm sugar and water in a saucepan, cook until dissolved.
  2. Put ½ of the tapioca flour in a saucepan with a solution of palm sugar, then mix well and thicken over low heat.
  3. Once the dough is evenly distributed, turn off the stove then knead the dough with the rest of the tapioca flour until evenly distributed.
  4. After that grind, the dough becomes thin with a thickness of approximately ½ centimeter.
  5. Cut the dough and shape into rounds with a diameter of approximately 1 centimeter.
  6. When done, put the dough that has been shaped into tapioca flour and grease the dough evenly, then strain so as not to leave much flour.
  7. Boil the boba dough into 2 liters of water until the boba is tender, then once the dough has looked clear, you can lift and drain.
  8. Pour milk tea. (This milk tea is a ratio of 1:1 between iced tea and milk. You can add syrup if you like and sweeten it.)
  9. Add the cream cheese gently and a pinch of salt until done.
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