Factors for Bust Pain associates to the heart

Factors for Bust Pain

The following are all problems and disease that can cause bust pain, grouped accordinged to the structure or body body organ found in our bust, including the Heart, lungs, digestive system, muscle mass, and bones.


Factors for Bust Pain associates to the heart

Heart attack (Angina Pectoris) – occurs when a embolism or plaque blocks blood flow to the heart muscle.

  • Pericarditis – Swelling of the membrane layer that lines the heart.
  • Myocarditis – Swelling of the heart muscle
  • Aortic dissection – damage to the mobile cellular lining of the great capillary (aorta)


Factors for bust pain associated with the lungs

Lung embolism. Occurs when a embolism or air blocks the lung arteries (lung arteries), thereby blocking the flow of blood to the lung cells, triggering bust pain.

  • Swelling of the membrane layer layers mobile cellular lining the lungs. This will cause bust pain that damages when you breathe in when you coughing.
  • Pulmonary hypertension. Hypertension in the arteries that carry blood to the lungs (lung hypertension) can also cause bust pain.
  • Pneumonia or damp lungs
  • Viral respiratory illness, swelling of the bronchial system
  • Pneumothorax or leakage of air from the lungs right right into the bust cavity (pleura).


Causes Bust pain associates to the digestive body body organs

Gastric acid reflux (heartburn) – stomach acid that increases to the top (esophagus) which will cause bust pain through a dropping feeling.

  • Swallowing Problems. Problems of the esophagus or esophagus can cause problem ingesting and often cause bust pain.
  • Problems with the gallbladder and pancreatic. Gallstones or swelling of the gallbladder or swelling of the pancreatic can cause stomach pain that radiates to the bust.
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Factors for bust pain-related muscle mass/sternum

  • Swelling that occurs in the rib cartilage, will certainly cause bust pain in certain elements involved.
  • Chest muscle pain. Persistent pain syndromes, such as in fibromyalgia, can cause bust muscle pain that can be understanding of a long time (relapses).
  • Rib Injury. Injured or fractured or broken ribs from injury can cause bust pain in the involved place.


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