How Bad is Copenhagen for You | And How much Nicotine in Snus vs Cigarette

What is Copenhagen known for

Copenhagen is known as the capital of fairy stories. It is said to be the happiest place on all of the earth, Copenhagen is renowned for its canals, delicious meals, Tivoli Gardens, and as the home of the famous children’s author, Hans C Andersen. Copenhagen is also known for its Danish language and its spirit of community and beer brewing establishments.


What kind of tobacco is being used in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is made from 100 % American-grown tobacco.


How many cigarettes are equal to one can of dip?

Spit Tobacco Facts The amount of nicotine in dips or snuff can be estimated at 140 milligrams. That’s equivalent to approximately 80 cigarettes. That is that one can of dip or snuff is around four cigarettes.

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