How Bad is Copenhagen for You | And How much Nicotine in Snus vs Cigarette

What effects does nicotine have on your body?

Nicotine is a risky high-addictive chemical. It could result in an increase in heart rate, blood pressure as well as the flow of blood into the heart as well as the narrowing of the arterial arteries (vessels that transport blood). Nicotine is also a factor in the hardening of arterial walls, which, in turn, could result in heart attacks.


What is it that ZYN do?

What is ZYN? ZYN Nicotine Pouches are a new method to get nicotine. They’re smoke-free, spit-free, and nicotine-free. ZYN is available in a range of strengths and flavors, is portable, and doesn’t require recharges or batteries to deliver the best nicotine experience.


How Bad is Copenhagen for You | And How much Nicotine in Snus vs Cigarette

  • A mere fraction of nicotine contained in a snus cigarette is extracted through snus usage.
  • Just 10-20% of nicotine in a snus pinch is absorbed by the mucous membrane and then reaches the circulation system. That means only 2 mg of nicotine are absorption into bloodstreams from a single gram of snus that contains around 10 mg nicotine.
  • Nicotine is absorbed very quickly from Swedish Snus.
  • Studies of Swedish smokers of snus have revealed the steady-state plasma levels of nicotine and its major metabolism, cotinine. These levels are the same as those of Swedish smokers as well as snus users.
  • Smokers and users of snus with similar levels of nicotine in their blood, report the same levels of dependence subjectively on smoking tobacco.
  • The total amount of nicotine consumed (dose) is measured by the excreta of nicotine and its metabolites in 24 hours is the same for regular snus users and cigarettes users, i.e. 25 mg.
  • Contrary to smokers of cigarettes who smoke cigarettes, snus users don’t take in their nicotine intake by switching to a lower nicotine product. A reduction in the amount of nicotine in the snus product by 50 % will result in a reduction of the amount of nicotine consumed by around 50 percent.
  • A cross-over experiment with blood plasma levels gathered following the controlled use of four different snus products that are portion-packed that have different weights and formats as well as different nicotine content and different pH values revealed that nicotine consumption is variable between 0.4 to 1.2 mg/pinch.
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