How much Carbs in Honey | And Can I Eat Honey on a Keto Diet

Low Carb Honey Substitude

There is no dearth of benefits one could enjoy from eating raw honey as the most natural sweetener, its high carb content makes out the realm of possibility for those who follow ketogenic or a ketogenic diet.

The majority of low-carb alternatives to honey are made up of artificial additives to provide it with the same sweetness. But, there are alternative sweeteners made from natural sugars you can substitute for honey. Some of these low-carb honey substitutes are:


Stevia is among the most popular natural sweeteners used in recipes that are healthy and for good reason too. Stevia is a species of plant in the same family with marigolds chrysanthemums and ragweeds. Stevia has two glycosides responsible for its sweetness – the stevioside and the rebaudioside.

In addition to being a fantastic low-carb alternative, stevia offers many advantages when consumed. Stevia has been proven to dramatically lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance thanks to the low Glycemic Index. Indeed, one study found that people who consumed stevia prior to eating meals had lower insulin and blood glucose levels following the meal.

Stevia aids in reducing cholesterol and helps to maintain an ideal weight. However, there are many varieties of stevia available to select from. There are many keto-friendly options, be sure that the product you’re using is organic and free of GMOs.

One gram of stevia contains just one gram of carbs, but it is calorie-free. the best sweetener to keep in your keto-friendly cabinet.



Allulose is another sweetener that is natural which is extremely rare in food items. In reality, the only food items that have a sugar substitute that is low in calories are wheat raisins, figs, and wheat.

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Allulose is a simple sugar, also referred to as a monosaccharide. Its ability to stop fermentation within the digestive tract is a major reason why it is less likely to trigger digestive problems like gas, cramps, or gas. Alongside its positive impact on the digestive system, it also has a glycemic index that is zero, causing absolutely no increase in insulin or blood sugar levels. This makes it the ideal replacement for sugar for people suffering from weight loss or diabetes.

Allulose also contains just one-tenth of the calories found in your typical table sugar, which makes it a great choice for an alternative to honey in a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

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