How To Use Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss: And Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good for Weight Loss

How to Use Meal Replacement?

How to use meal replacement? The trick, protein shakes are consumed as a substitute for a complete meal that is consumed daily. For example, consuming a chocolate protein shake instead of a bowl of porridge.

The idea behind using protein shakes is to replace one or two meals, to avoid overeating. Protein shakes may be the best option for people with poor timing skills and interest in cooking.


Should I Use Meal Replacement Shakes

According to Prof. Crowe, the advantage of protein shakes is that they are easy to make and practical. With a fairly high protein content, two meal replacements a day protein shakes can make you feel full easily. However, as a result of reducing food intake, of course, hunger can still be felt.


How Many Calories Should a Meal Replacement Shake Have

Calorie needs are different for each person, why not protein? After all, everyone has different body sizes, and their body composition varies greatly. So it makes sense that each person’s protein needs can also vary greatly. can with 1 meal replacement shake a day.

One of the guidelines from the Institute of Medicine is to recommend that we eat 10 to 35 percent of our total daily calories from protein. This guide is of little help, especially in knowing the protein needed to meet our caloric needs. But the range of calorie percentages is very wide, and the majority of people would find it hard to pinpoint.

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So, how do we calculate the protein needs that our body needs? and how much weight can I lose drinking meal replacement shakes?


Calculation Using Your Body Mass

Because protein is very important to maintain body mass, the recommended amount of protein for us to consume is adjusted to how big our body mass is. Body mass in question is everything in the body, excluding fat.

Ideally, you’ll have taken a body composition measurement, which will tell you how much lean body mass you have. So you can easily determine the amount of protein needed. Measurement of body composition can use a home scale that already supports this.

Once we know our lean body mass, we can calculate our protein needs, which is 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. Using the metric system, that means about 1 to 2 grams of protBy using the metric system it is approximately one to two grams of protein for every kilogram of lean body mass per kilogram of lean body mass.

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Calculation Using Your Body Weight

If you don’t have access to a body composition analysis, you can estimate your protein needs based on your current weight. This is not a perfect method, because it doesn’t take into account how much muscle mass you have, but at least this method takes into account the differences in body size of each person.

Here’s how to calculate your protein needs:

  • In pounds: multiply the weight by 0.7
  • In kilograms: multiply bodyweight by 1.5
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The amount obtained is a reasonable target for the amount of protein (in grams) we should eat each day.

As an illustration, a woman weighing 140 lbs (64kg) needs about 100g/day of protein. Meanwhile, a man weighing 220lb (110kg) should get at least 150gr/day of protein intake.

Meal Replacement Shake Diet Reviews

How to use meal replacement shakes for weight loss, Drinking protein shakes may cause your body to gain excess protein. This can increase the risk of several health problems, such as dehydration, calcium deficiency, and kidney disorders. Therefore, high-protein diets are generally not recommended for people who have kidney disease.

In addition, there are protein shakes that contain a lot of added sugar and sweeteners. If consumed frequently or in excess, it could increase the chance of developing diabetes.

In certain cases, the consumption of protein shakes can also cause allergic reactions, especially in people who have a history of certain food allergies, such as milk allergies.

Protein needs can actually be easily met through the consumption of high-protein foods. While protein shakes can be consumed to help meet protein needs, however, a diet rich in protein is superior to supplements.

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