Is Angina Dangerous | And How Long does Angina Last

Angina Pectoris Therapy

Therapy of angina pectoris aims to decrease grievances and prevent cardiac arrest. The technique provided can be various, depending upon the problem skilled by the client, consisting of:


Some kinds of medications that can be provided by doctors to alleviate angina signs are:

  • Blood-thinning medications, such as pain killers, clopidogrel, or ticagrelor
  • Blood vessel broadening medications, such as nitroglycerin, broaden and unwind capillary, so blood flow to the heart is better
  • Beta-blocking medications, to slow the heart rate and make capillary more relaxed thereby decreasing the work of the heart
  • Drugs to control diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension which are risk factors for coronary cardiovascular disease

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Clinical treatments

If angina pectoris doesn’t decrease after giving medication, the doctor will suggest clinical measures, such as:

  • Installation of a heart ring, to broaden a tightened artery by putting an unique cable (ring) shaped such as a tube in the arteries of the heart
  • Heart bypass surgical treatment, by taking capillary from various other components of the body, to produce new capillary to change tightened capillary

Along with undergoing therapy, clients need to undergo therapy for various risk factors for coronary cardiovascular disease that cause angina, such as hypertension and diabetes.

Clients also need to earn lifestyle changes to prevent this complaint from reappearing. Lifestyle changes that need to be made consist of routine exercise, adopting a healthy and balanced diet, quitting cigarette smoking cigarettes, and obtaining enough rest.

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