Lysine For Shingles – Benefits Of L-Lysine For Women

Lysine For Shingles – Benefits Of L-Lysine For Women, is an essential amino acid needed to regulate hormones, build muscle, activate enzyme production and act as antibodies.

In addition to its importance in enabling recovery from physical injury, Lysine promises to treat and avoid outbreaks of herpes family viral infections.

Herpesviridae is a large family of DNA viruses that cause certain infections and diseases in animals and human, this is also known as the herpes virus.

Herpes Virus Family

Herpes family viruses – including cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox (shingles), roseola, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr – “bury” themselves in nerve tissue and can recur years after their initial appearance.

Prevention of infection

However, lysine For Shingles seems to help prevent the recurrence of the virus, thus avoiding outbreaks of shingles.


Daily intake of 1000-2000 mg of L-lysine can prevent and inhibit herpes infection. Slightly lower doses can provide daily immune support against infection.

Risks and side effects

Lysine has no side effects, but taking large doses can cause high cholesterol and gallstones.

Supplement Support

Other supplements that fight the family herpes virus infection include lemon balm, resveratrol, garlic, and aloe vera. They can be consumed in conjunction with lysine and more prescribed drugs.

Lysine For Shingles – Benefits Of L-Lysine For Women

Lysine For Shingles - Benefits Of L-Lysine For Women

How Does Lysine Kill Herpes Virus?

A proposito in lisina

Lysine is available in supplement form and is available over the counter.

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A proposito in Herpes

There are two types of herpes virus: herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex-2 (HSV-2). HSV-1 usually affects the mouth and causes cold sores. HSV-2 usually attacks the genitals and causes genital herpes lesions. However, both types of viruses look identical under a microscope and maybe painstakingly infected in the mouth or genitals.

Herpes simplex virus

Lysine is often used to treat the early stages of herpes and prevent further spread. A common belief is that the herpes virus uses the amino acid arginine to multiply and lysine interferes with this process. By preventing the virus from using arginine, lysine effectively stops the life cycle of the virus. As a result, herpes lesions do not form, and the body shows no other symptoms of active viral infection. Lysine does not kill the herpes virus – the virus is still in the body – but it does not affect the growth of the virus and can help the body withstand the virus for a long period.

Lisina Studies

There is conflicting information about the efficacy of lysine as a herpes treatment. Some people swear, and some studies show the effect of lysine on arginine. Ultimately, the effectiveness of lysine depends on individual factors such as dosage, weight, the severity of the disease, lifestyle, and diet.

Lysine Dosage

The good thing about lysine is it has few side effects, so you can experiment with dosages without having to worry about side effects. Dosages of up to 4,000 mg are also considered safe. It takes a very high dose to achieve toxicity, and the body can eliminate its excess through urination before that time. However, since lysine is processed by the kidneys, the use of lysine is contraindicated for people with liver or kidney disease.

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How to cure cold sores with lysine

You can incorporate lysine into your food to help fight mouth herpes. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor arginine intake. Lysine and arginine compete for the same space inside your body. Arginine can aid the growth and reproduction of cold sores, and lysine cannot. To prevent cold sores, fill your body with high levels of lysine and low levels of arginine. Margarine has a lysine-arginine ratio of 3 to 1, and many dairy products, such as yogurt and Swiss cheese, contain at least twice as much lysine as arginine. Other foods that are beneficial to eat are meat, fish, chicken, milk, eggs, apples, pears, and apricots.

Lysine For Shingles


  1. Buy lysine supplements and ointments.
  2. Take 1,000 mg of lysine supplements three times a day.
  3. Apply lysine ointment on your lips about five times a day.
  4. Stay away from foods with high arginine content. Grains, peanuts, and soy protein all have high arginine levels.

Effects of Lysine Amino Acids

Lysine is one of the essential amino acids used to repair the body’s tissues. When the body does not get enough lysine, B niacin vitamins will cause pellagra disease. To get enough lysine you need to consume foods such as meat, cheese, nuts, eggs, and soy.and some athletes are reducing their lysine deposits. At the risk of lysine deficiency are those who do vegetarian macrobiotic diets and some athletes who reduce their lysine deposits. Lysine stopped the spread of the herpes virus and is now used to treat herpes, and cold sores.

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Lysine, also known as L-lysine or amino acid K, is an essential amino acid, a protein constituent ingredient, increasing muscle growth and tissue repair. It also helps the body absorb calcium, producing hormones, enzymes, and antibodies that fight disease.


Pellagra is a potentially deadly disease that has been a mystery for centuries.


Two amino acids, lysine and arginine, work together to build muscle tissue and are stored in the same special area inside the cell. However, arginine is the only protein the body uses when creating new herpes virus cells. When the cell storage area is rich in lysine, arginine is clogged, and the herpes virus lacks bricks to multiply.


Lysine is also promising in treating pain when used alone or combined with anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen or Advil.


Some doctors recommend 10 grams of lysine per day during herpes outbreaks. These high doses can cause nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Dividing the dosage throughout the day will minimize side effects. Do not consume lysine for shingles supplements with milk.

Women or people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have high cholesterol or heart disease should consult a doctor before taking lysine for shingles supplements.

Children under the age of two should not take lysine supplements except under the supervision of a pediatric doctor. A very large dose of lysine, 10 to 30 grams per day can increase the toxicity of some antibiotics, including gentamicin, neomycin, and streptomycin.

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