Milk Allergy Baby Rash on Face: And Can Whole Milk cause a Rash on Babies

Milk Allergy Baby Rash on Face

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition that triggers the appearance of a red rash on the baby’s face. A possibility if you think that baby rash on face is caused by milk, or in other words milk allergy baby rash on face. However, do you know the main cause of milk allergy baby rash on face. Check out the full review only in the following article on Milk allergy baby rash on face.

In addition to knowing Milk allergy baby rash on face, in the article Milk allergy baby rash on face, you will find out about breast milk allergy baby rash on face, pictures of Milk allergy baby rash on face, milk allergy in babies symptoms formula, and milk protein in baby. Identify the cause so you can choose the right treatment for your little one.

Milk is a source of nutrition to support the growth and development of a child, but not all children are suitable for drinking cow’s milk. In fact, some children experience what is called a milk allergy, causing quite serious symptoms. These include itching, vomiting, skin rashes, even if severe enough to vomit blood. For children with allergies, you should stop consuming cow’s milk and switch to other milk.


Milk Allergy Baby Rash on Face, and What is a Milk Allergy?

Milk Allergy Baby Rash on Face, and What is a Milk Allergy? Allergy is an abnormal response that occurs in the immune system, especially after consuming milk or dairy products. Usually occurs in children, but it is also possible for adults to experience allergies.

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Research on this allergy has been carried out and the results are as many as 80% of allergies to milk occur before the age of 16 years. Meanwhile, the types of symptoms that arise are more diverse based on the time and intensity of their appearance.

The severity of the symptoms that arise due to allergies also depends on the amount of milk consumed or depending on the health of the person. For simple handling, that is temporarily not consuming milk first.

However, if the symptoms do not subside, immediately consult and treat it by a doctor so that the allergy can be resolved immediately.


Causes of Milk Allergy

Maybe you also have an interesting question when you find out about health problems such as this cow’s milk allergy. What caused it?

Now the main cause is an immune system disorder where the patient’s body incorrectly identifies the protein in milk. Protein is considered a substance that harms the body.

In the end, the immune system produces Immunoglobulin E which functions in neutralizing allergy-triggering substances. Apart from that, it also releases histamine into the blood, then the allergy symptoms mentioned above appear.

It should also be underlined that a milk allergy is different from lactose intolerance. Although the symptoms that appear there are some similarities, later the author will also provide a review of the differences between milk allergy and lactose intolerance.


Types of Milk Allergy Symptoms That You Need to Watch Out for

The severity of symptoms or allergic reactions varies from child to child. At first, it may seem normal, but later reactions can be more severe.

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For that, identify the symptoms below so you can increase your vigilance in the future.


This is an easily recognizable symptom, usually, the reaction to diarrhea occurs very quickly. Without waiting for hours, usually, the child’s digestive tract can react immediately.

Careful! Excessive diarrhea can cause the child’s condition to become weak due to dehydration.


Mengi or breath sounds

When experiencing allergies due to drinking cow’s milk, the child’s breath usually sounds and is irregular. It occurs due to difficulty breathing, where the respiratory tract is filled with mucus due to an allergic reaction.


Red spots on the skin

The next types of symptoms are skin rashes or red spots, especially if the baby’s skin is still sensitive. These red spots can cause itching that is quite severe, of course making the baby feel uncomfortable.


Swelling of the face

This also makes the face experience swelling, especially on the lips. Even some babies are at risk of developing symptoms of anaphylactic shock which can cause death from allergies.

Anaphylaxis itself is a symptom that arises with a baby’s face that is swollen, red, and has difficulty breathing. Do not ignore if you see symptoms like these, immediately take them to the nearest hospital or doctor for medical treatment.



This is a symptom that often occurs, especially after the child drinks cow’s milk. Also be aware of the symptoms of vomiting because it is feared that it will get worse, such as vomiting blood.

In addition to the rapid symptoms due to the consumption of cow’s milk, you also need to pay attention to the symptoms that appear long after. For example, blood appears in the stool, watery eyes, and nose, colic to stomach cramps.

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