Natural Medicine for Tendonitis | And Home Therapies for Achilles Tendonitis Injuries

Over-The-Counter Medication

In some circumstances, over the counter medications can suffice therapy to decrease swelling and alleviate discomfort from Achilles ligament injuries. Choose ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) for a beginner and if the discomfort still continues, visit your doctor to obtain more powerful medications.

Your doctor may prescribe 2 significant categories of medications – anesthetics (opioid and nonopioid) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory representatives (NSAIDs), however you should beware to think about any adverse effects that may occur before taking part in any medication to avoid any feasible intestinal (GI) distress.


Natural Medicine for Tendonitis

Sometimes the best therapy can be found right in your kitchen area. There are 3 all-natural treatments to be considered:

Castor Oil

A plant-based oil used to treat stomach conditions can also be used to treat Achilles ligament swelling. This is because castor oil is a triglyceride jeopardizing 90 percent ricinoleic acid, a powerful anti-inflammatory representative, hence producing it a tested service in decreasing swelling on the affected ligament. To use it, warm the oil (not steaming !), take a bit each time, and massage therapy the location until it is fully taken in.


Vitamin E Oil

Another oil that’s also a swelling reliever and an efficient anti-oxidant. Vitamin E also helps in our circulation function, which further decreases discomfort. You can use the oil similarly as castor oil, however, warming isn’t necessary. Use everyday until swelling is decreased.

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