Parapelvic Cyst Kidney | And What is a Hyperdense Renal Cyst

Define Renal Cyst

Define Renal Cyst. Renal cysts can be described as cysts of fluid that form within the kidneys. They are generally referred to in the sense of “simple” cysts. This means that they are surrounded by a thin wall and are filled with water-like fluid. Renal cysts can be found in a variety of locations as we age, and typically don’t cause any symptoms or damage.


Lower Pole of Right Kidney

Lower Pole of Right Kidney. A superior kidney pole lies close to the liver. The left kidney is situated next to the spleen. The two organs fall down when inhaling. In males of adult age, the kidney weighs between 125 and 170 grams.


What Causes Renal Cysts

What Causes Renal Cysts. Renal Cysts don’t have an identifiable reason. One hypothesis could be that they occur due to the fact that the upper layer of the kidney gets weak, leading to the formation of a pouch that then becomes filled with fluid leading to creating a renal Cyst.

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