Rogue Pouches Review | And Side Effects of Smoking Nicotine

Rogue Pouches Review : Rogue Nicotine Flavors

From both flavors that I’ve tasted, Rogue makes pouches for those who love the flavor. If you’re looking for a more subtle and mild flavor, Velo might be a more suitable choice. The fruity flavors of Rogue are bright and sweet and have an aromatic combination of sweet and natural flavors.

Rogue Pouches Review | And Side Effects of Smoking Nicotine

Rogue nicotine pouch: Mango

Since JUUL introduced mango flavors in the form of pods I’ve been a big fan of the mango-nicotine combination. Rogue mango is a delicious flavor. The rogue mango flavor is a mouthwatering mix of mango that is natural with the scent of Haribo Peach gummies. Although it’s not actually a peach-flavored flavor, it makes me think of those.


Rogue nicotine pouch: Apple

I loved the mango, however, I do like apples more. Like the mango, there’s something natural and sweet happening. The apple smells and tastes like a granny smith combined with a Jolly Rancher sweet apple. Who doesn’t like nostalgic candy flavors such as that?

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