Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy | And What Age should you get Lasik

Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy

Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy—The time of pregnancy is joyful that is full of hopes and optimism, but it also makes an impact on your body. Alongside nausea, backaches as well as mood changes, it is possible to be impacted by your vision as well. surgery for LASIK can be the most sought-after option for correcting vision however, you should be wary of having it performed in the course of pregnancy. You can learn more about “Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy”, in the following article.

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How Pregnancy can influence your vision

Here are some of the most common eye-related problems women experience when they are pregnant:

Dry eyes

Eyes can appear dry during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to hormonal changes. It’s temporary, so talk to your doctor for lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable.


Vision changes

Hormonal surges may result in changes in the power of pregnancy, but it is not permanent. Vision will return to normal in several weeks following the having your baby, but make sure you have a physical exam to confirm that there aren’t any issues.

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Distorted vision

High blood pressure in pregnancy can cause cornea damage, leading to changes in its form or thickness. The blurred vision or spots that appear on your eyes usually go disappear after the birth or breastfeeding.

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