Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy | And What Age should you get Lasik

Central Serous

Choroidopathy Fluid retention can result in fluid leaks beneath the retina in your eyes, causing blurry vision or making things appear smaller. The problem will disappear after childbirth and you should keep your doctor on the lookout for any indications.



Hormonal changes may trigger migraine headaches. These can be painful but can also cause your eyes to become more photosensitive. Check with your physician before using any non-prescription, over-the-counter, or prescription medicine.


The Pregnancy Diabetic

Also called gestational diabetes, this condition is temporary and may cause blurred vision if the tiny blood vessels that supply the retina become damaged. Control your sugar levels both during and after your pregnancy.


Pituitary Adenoma

It is a benign tumor that is affecting the pituitary gland, and causes tunnel vision. The tumor can grow while you’re pregnant because hormone secretions through the pituitary organ are greater during this period.



Hormonal surges can cause puffiness of the eyelids as well as around your eyes, which can affect your vision on the side. Keep hydrated, eat healthily and stay clear of high-sodium caffeine to lower the amount of water retained during pregnancy.

There are numerous benefits of LASIK vision correction. should you be considering the procedure, ensure that you are timing it correctly. Make an appointment at your eye health center before planning to become pregnant or post-delivery.

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