Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy | And What Age should you get Lasik

Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy

Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy. While LASIK is not typically suggested in the early stages of pregnancy, however, it can be done prior to the time of pregnancy. There’s no need for a prolonged delay following LASIK prior to pursuing pregnancy. Dry eyes can be a problem for certain pregnant women.

Should you Get Lasik Before Pregnancy | And What Age should you get Lasik

Why is it better to plan LASIK before or after your Pregnancy

Here’s the reason you should have LASIK surgery before your pregnancy, or postpone it until when you stop breastfeeding:


You’ll be administered a sedative before the procedure, and also eye drops that dilate your eyes and make them numb. Your doctor might recommend antibiotic drops for your eyes as well as painkillers. It is recommended to be careful not to take these medicines while pregnant.



The LASIK procedure exposes your radiation levels for just a few minutes when the laser is employed to create incisions within the cornea to alter its shape. But even this little radiation exposure can cause harm for your child.


Changes in the refractive field

Hormones from breastfeeding and pregnancy may result in your prescription or power to shift for a short period. If you had laser surgery during this period your prescription might change once again as your eyes get stabilized.


Nursing Hormones

The hormones that you’re nursing Hormonal changes can occur throughout your body even if you’re nursing. These may interfere with healing or result in temporary changes to the cornea, and therefore LASIK is not recommended while nursing.

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How soon can you get LASIK after your baby is born

Ideally, you should wait for at least 3-6 months after ceasing breastfeeding, or wait for one menstrual cycle after the birth of your baby if you’re not nursing. This way, you’ll ensure you’re hormones in a stable state and your eyes are back to normal before you decide to undergo LASIK surgery.

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