Sore Hair Bump | And What is Large Razor Bump

Sore Hair Bump

How to do a small hair bump, how to heal a ingrown hair cyst, how to tell if its an ingrown hair, ingrown hair cyst groin treatment, ingrown hair cyst on head, ingrown hair cyst popped under skin. Learn what is Sore Hair Bump | And What is Large Razor Bump in this article.


Ingrown Hair Lump Under Skin Groin

Ingrown Hair Lump Under Skin Groin. Hair that is ingrown hair is a term used to describe hairs that have curled and then regrown back into the skin. The hair blocks pores on the skin and then collects dirt, pus, and skin cell debris. This results in a lump of hair, bump, or cyst. The bumps may be found anywhere on the body. They can be found beneath the skin, in the armpit, neck, and also in the groin.


Ingrown Hair Bump for Months

Ingrown Hair Bump for Months. The milder cases of infection can be cured within a few days however, severe cases may require up to a few weeks. Once the infection has gone away it is possible to have the appearance of a mark or discolored skin that may last for a few months.

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