What does Beer do to your Body | And How to Drink Much less Beer

Beer Might Decrease Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Illness or Dementia

Scientists from Loyola College in Chicago found that moderate drinkers had a 23 percent lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some think this is connected to beer’s ability to raise great cholesterol which is beneficial for mental health and wellness.


Beer Might Decrease Swelling

One study released in Molecular Nourishment & Food Research found that hops, which are found in beer, have anti-inflammatory residential or commercial homes.

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How to Drink Much less Beer

Whether you want to decrease how a lot beer you are drinking because you’re worried about dependency or entirely because you want to improve your physical dangers, there are several points you can do.

For instance:

Journal when you drink

This is a technique that is effective for dieters and it can help alcohol consumption as well. Monitoring alcohol consumption helps you understand how a lot you are drinking and if there are any patterns connected to your drinking, such as drinking alone.


Set drinking limits

Decide how a lot you want to drink and set a limitation. If you presently drink 10 beverages each week and you want to cut down to 6, set that as an objective. Find ways to challenge and reward on your own in weeks you satisfy your limit objective. This is also a great way to slowly decrease your alcohol consumption.

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