What is Cyst in Kidney | And Can Kidney Cyst Cure with Homeopathy

What Causes a Cyst to form on your Kidney

What Causes a Cyst to form on your Kidney. Kidney cysts are formed at the time that tubes of the nephron start to grow larger and then fill with fluid. Researchers aren’t sure why this happens However, they are aware that costs of this type aren’t genetically inherited. The theory is that injury or microscopic blockages of the tubules can cause the formation of some basic kidney cysts.


How Are Simple Kidney Cysts Diagnosed

Simple kidney cysts can be diagnosed while patients are consulting a doctor regarding a different health issue. The most commonly used tests to identify simple kidney cysts is:


high-frequency sound waves and echos produce images of the interior and outside of our bodies.


Computed Tomography

X-rays and computers create images of a cross-sectional view of the entire body. These scans need the injection of iodinated contrast to differentiate fluid-only cysts from a solid mass.


Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnets radio waves, computers produce images of the inside of the body. It is also possible to differentiate between cysts that are filled with a liquid and solid mass. Since they don’t require the use of iodinated contrasts, MRIs are used for those suffering from iodine allergy.

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